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Premixes for meat alternatives

Ingredients specialist Loryma introduces concept for vegan, wheat-based dry mixes Loryma has developed a new application concept for use by consumers wanting to prepare their own vegan meat alternatives at home. For this purpose, the specialist in functional ingredients from wheat has designed special premixes that form an authentic texture in the end product after the addition of water. They provide numerous opportunities for manufacturers to respond to the trend for vegan meat alternatives with quick and fail-safe convenience products. [...]

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Loryma develops convincing vegan fish alternative

Loryma introduces a new concept for trend-setting vegan fish products. Various functional wheat ingredients such as starches and proteins interact to authentically replicate the muscle meat of fish, and provide typical mouth feel. Using a modular principle, Loryma's ingredients enable a range of applications such as vegan fried fish or fish fillets, and meet consumer demand for sustainable, plant-based alternatives.

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Announcement of the new authorised signatories

With immediate effect, the shareholders of the Crespel & Deiters Group joint authorised signatories for Mrs Heike Sander, Head of Marketing & Communications Crespel & Deiters Group, Mr Steffen von Glahn, Head of Supply Chain Crespel & Deiters Group and Mr Fayeq Ghadban, Head of Site Ibbenbüren.

Trends 2021: Rethinking the feed industry

An emotional year has passed. During the corona pandemic, consumer and political demands on farmers and the feed industry have intensified. Higher standards of sustainability, product and delivery safety are now non-negotiable. Here, Heike Sander offers an insight into the trends and developments that she believes will shape 2021.

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Loryma opens state-of-the-art technical centre

Our new modern and versatile test laboratory in Zwingenberg near Frankfurt has opened this month the doors.  New functional wheat-based components and applications are developed on site, alongside the optimisation of customer products and training sessions. After five months of construction, the core element is a professional test kitchen.

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Trendy and healthy: Pastries with added value

Zwingenberg (Germany), June 2020 – Loryma, manufacturer of wheat raw materials, unveils a basic functional mix for muffins and sponge cakes as part of the Lory® Bake line. This added value blend not only ensures sensory appeal in finished products, but also responds to current market trends, thanks to several additional health benefits.

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In cooperation with Viscofan, Loryma has developed a wheat-based concept for meat-free sausages with outstanding sensory appeal

Loryma has developed a new, unique recipe for vegan bratwurst. It consists of texturized Lory® Tex wheat protein granules, the Lory®Bind binding system and a matching bratwurst seasoning mix in the crisp vegan casing of the Weinheim producer, Viscofan.

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